Efficient and Reliable Power Supplies —Unleashed

Game changing innovations significantly increase efficiency and reliability, 
while reducing total cost of ownership of power supply products

Telcodium is now marketing and shipping its new power supplies. The game changing “green” power supplies—the result of 2 years of R&D— is now a patent pending product that you can buy from their eCommerce website.

  • Re-engineered Power Supplies
  • Patent Pending Technologies
  • Gallium Nitride-based Design (GaN)

End users who seek out manufacturers integrating the innovative Telcodium power supply products will reap the benefits of greater efficiency, reliability and reduced total costs of ownership.

In terms of how the market will react, Gaétan Campeau, Chairman of the Board of TelcoBridges and President of Telcodium adds, “We’re well aware that it’s a new and innovative approach to power supply engineering in an existing, crowded “me-too” sector. But now that a far superior alternative is available, we recommend to CIOs and CTOs who want the benefits of this category-changer to bring their demands to their manufacturers and make them aware that there’s a new, far better power supply product line available—so ultimately they can all enjoy the competitive advantages Telcodium’s innovations provide.

Products are manufactured in North America therefore substantially reducing delivery timelines. Supply chain issues are equally eliminated.

All product details are posted on the website for engineers to review.

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