Telcodium Game Changing Power Supply Products Significantly Increase Efficiency and Reliability

Telcodium, a TelcoBridges’ 2015 spin-off, today announced that it has brought to market a line of power supply products that offer significantly reduced energy use for lower operating costs and increased reliability. The game-changing benefits of efficient, totally reliable “green” power supplies – which are the result of innovation and expertise learned from building power supply products for TelcoBridges’ telecommunications systems – are now available to any IT product manufacturer, and to their end users.

Telcodium’s power supplies replace the typical three-module power supply architecture (two power supply bricks and one intermediate bus converter (IBC)) with a single power module with redundant AC feeds. Telcodium’s power module operates at 94 percent True System Efficiency (TSE)* or higher — reducing average energy loss by 13 percent or more. To achieve the same TSE with the typical three-module power supply, the bricks and IBC would each need to yield a 97 percent efficiency—which exceeds the 80-Plus Titanium specification and has yet to be demonstrated by any power supply manufacturer.

Telcodium produces the world’s most efficient and most reliable line of redundant power supplies


Furthermore, the new module is 30 percent smaller than the above-mentioned two bricks and eliminates the standalone IBC—freeing considerable space inside a host system.

The high TSE and size reduction are made possible by Telcodium’s innovative GaN-based design and patents. Telcodium is confident that its power supply products are the best in the business and are bound to shake up the market.Manufacturers that use Telcodium’s redundant power products will gain a competitive advantage with the ability to offer their customers an efficient power supply product with a higher level of reliability that virtually eliminates failures, and reduces support and maintenance costs. End users who seek out manufacturers integrating the innovative Telcodium power supply products will reap the benefits of greater efficiency, reliability and reduced total cost of ownership.

As an added bonus—Telcodium power supply products are designed and built in North America, making product availability and delivery much simpler and faster. And the five-year warranty on the product line is simply the best in the business.

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Attention Agents—CTOs and CIOs should demand Telcodium’s benefits from manufacturers.

Gaétan Campeau, Chairman of the Board of TelcoBridges and President of the Telcodium spin-off says, “this really is a superior product, the most efficient and reliable dual-feed power supply technology that exists. It’s green, it’s reliable, it reduces energy costs significantly and if that isn’t enough, it has the best warranty in the business.”

In terms of how the market will react, Campeau adds, “we’re well aware that it’s a new and innovative approach to power supply in an existing, crowded “me-too” sector. But now that a far superior alternative is available, we ask that CIOs and CTOs who want the benefits of this category-changer bring their demands to their manufacturers and make them aware that there’s a new, far better power supply product line available—so ultimately they can all enjoy the competitive advantages that Telcodium’s innovations provide.”

About Telcodium

Telcodium produces the world’s most efficient and most reliable line of redundant power supplies. Designed and made in North America to ensure product quality that customers deserve and delivery times they demand, Telcodium’s power supply products offer unmatched performance and reduced total cost of ownership.

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*True System Efficiency is defined by power supply module efficiency plus IBC efficiency.

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