TD-DIODE-1000, TD-PFC-500 Power Factor Correction Power Management Evaluation Board. Contact to purchase.

TD-DEV-500-12V, HEM Module Development board

The Telcodium HEM Module Development board is used to test the TD HEM modules. This board is used to develop a 12V output with a 42Amp power supply with PMBUS interface, input and output current, voltage sense, including monitoring and logging include the schematic, gerber files and BOM for the carrier board. Contact to purchase.

TD-CPU-192 CPU Module, CPU module

The Telcodium CPU module integrates the software required to manage all the functions of a all Telcodium High Efficiency Modules. Both input and output current and voltage, are monitor by the CPU, the led, sensor and fan are also monitor by the CPU and this information are available with the PMBUS interface to the optional redundant feed control (patented technology). Contact to purchase.

TD-PFC-500, PFC module

The Telcodium PFC module uses high effciency interleaved technology with a fast switching mosfet for low loss and low emi integrated in a small form factor module. The Telcodium PFC module uses advanced switching technology to reduce the harmonic distortion under CISPR norm with greater effciency from low line to high line input and across the load range. Contact to purchase.


The Telcodium LLC module uses high effciency switching technology for a low loss and low emi integrated in a small formfactor module. The LLC module uses advanced planar transformer design to reduce conduction loss yielding greater effciency from low to high output loads. Telcodium’s LLC HEM is best used in conjunction with other Telcodium High-Effciency Modules. Contact to purchase.

TD-DIODE-1000, diode module

The Telcodium diode module provides a full wave rectified DC voltage output from a wide range of AC input source from 85Vrm to 265Vrms, with a very low lost compared to traditional diode bridge rectifiers. The ideal diode module uses a patented technology to take the AC source and fully rectifies the output. This module draws 10 times less power than a traditional diode bridge rectifier and doesn’t need a heat sink or fan. Contact to purchase.