If you want your electric products to be smaller, run cooler and be smarter, you’ve come to the right place.

We can help you.


We are hardware and software engineers with more than 25 years of experience building robust infrastructure systems for the telecoms industry. Our quest to make the most reliable and efficient telecoms systems eventually led us to creating our own energy-efficient power systems. Like many in our industry, we wanted products to operate trouble-free for a long time … while also reducing the energy footprint. In order to achieve this, we created a suite of smaller, cooler and smarter power products. The advanced components we employ, combined with our patented hardware and software, resulted in increased reliability and energy economy. We want you to benefit from this technology too. Our modules will allow you to effortlessly integrate this efficient technology into your own products and reap the benefits from increased reliability and efficiency. Small, efficient and smart. Join us.


We make power supply products that significantly reduce energy use for lower operating costs and increased reliability. Smaller, by using advanced technologies like GaN FETs, we are able to decrease the size of the modules while increasing the efficiency. Cooler, because of the increased efficiency, our products will generate less heat, thus reducing the stress on components and increasing the lifespan of the hardware. Many of our products operate without fans in most designs and environments. Smarter, today’s hardware technologies require the use of software to function at their best. Our embedded software technologies increase the efficiency of the hardware while simultaneously allowing the complete monitoring of the power systems. No more black boxes. Telcodium: Smaller, Cooler, Smarter.


The size reduction and increased efficiency made possible by our innovative GaN-based design can help you shake up your market. Gain a competitive advantage with a more efficient power supply product with a higher level of reliability that virtually eliminates failures, thus reducing your support and maintenance costs. Integrating our innovative power supply components will help you – and your customers – reap the benefits of greater efficiency, reliability and reduced total cost of ownership.