Telcodium was established to focus on Technology Innovation and the design and manufacturing of SMALLER, COOLER, SMARTER Power Supplies.

Drawing on a history of creating efficient and reliable telecommunications systems, Telcodium was born as a TelcoBridges’ spinoff in 2015 when it became evident that other system integrators would benefit from the energy efficiency and added reliability of the power supplies developed for TelcoBridges’ systems. Since then, Telcodium has created a complete line of power products with unmatched qualities. Power supplies and power modules that you can now use to improve your systems and achieve unprecedented levels of energy efficiency and reliability.

From its headquarters in Boucherville (Montreal), Quebec, Canada, Telcodium performs R&D as well as assembly and testing of all its power products.



“Total Quality Assurance” and “Customer Satisfaction” are the primary goals of our company. We are offering higher standards of quality by providing truly reliable and efficient power supplies that differentiates our superior products. Our engineering and manufacturing follow rigid procedures governing design, design verification test (DVT), design quality test (DQT), component selection, pilot-run production and mass production.



In accordance to the demands of our customers, reducing energy consumption and eliminating power supply failures are two major issues. It is well known that power supplies are the least reliable component of systems and the # 1 cause of failure in electronic products.



Our pursuit of ‘innovation with a purpose’ prompted us to search for solutions to persistent problems: How do we improve the energy efficiency and overall reliability of products?

After a few years of research and several patents we introduced our line of efficient and reliable power products. We offer fast delivery of our products in North America, freeing you from supply chain delays and issues.


“We use the most efficient and reliable power technologies that exist. Our products are reliable, reduce energy costs and if that isn’t enough, they have the best warranty in the business.”

– GAETAN CAMPEAU, President, Telcodium